November 25, 2017

The Lawless Monster Zone: Take Five, Action!


Greetings from the Ultraman Multiverse! The Lawless Monster Zone, or originally titled as The Wild Monster Zone, is the 8th episode in the series where a submissive kaiju specie makes its first appearance.

Turbulent Tears by Mister Krotpong

Turbulent Tears by Mister Krotpong

Described as a friendly human ally, Pigmon is just the same size as a human child and actually emerged from an old Garamon suit that left an identical impression on them.

But you can easily tell the difference by looking at their chests. Garamon have this strange symbol that Pigmon does not have and although not shown in this episode, Pigmon is known to possess the power of telepathy. He travels by turning himself into a red balloon and he can make Monster Island disappear by turning himself into stone.


THE LAWLESS MONSTER ZONE from Ultraman by X-Plus (maurice9762/

In this episode, four more vicious kaijus also make their first appearance. The winged Chandora and Pigmon had the same fate. They were both defeated by the destructive Red King, who was eventually defeated by Ultraman.

The burrowing Magular nearly escaped but the Science Special Search Party or SSSP showed him no mercy. The fate for the blood-sucking plant Sunflan remains unsure. Just take a look at the kaiju plant in action in the video of the episode below.


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